Dentist Oakland Zoom In and Shine Bright!

Reveal your Inner Brilliance with Zoom! Teeth Whitening


The color of your teeth can be an incredible source of satisfaction, or it can be something that you try to hide. If you are like millions of other people who are struggling with the appearance of stains on your teeth, you may find yourself roaming the oral care aisle at your local retailer, trying to figure out which whitening strip, paste, or paint would best meet your needs. Here's a big tip: it is not likely that any one of them will.


Millions of commercial whitening products are sold on an annual basis, and millions of consumers continue to feel self-conscious about discoloration. The fact is that teeth whitening is best left to your dentist. At Franklin Dental Care, patients from Oakland, CA and surrounding areas can get the lift they want without having to wait months, weeks, or even days. Using the Zoom! system, we give our patients what they want in just about an hour!


The Power of Professional Care


There is a reason why commercial whiteners are only effective at whitening mildly stained teeth: these products do not contain sufficient whitening agents. It's that simple. Think about it this way, you wouldn't try to paint a wall of your home with a craft brush. You would use a roller to get the job done. Similarly, to remove stains that have settled into the pores of your teeth (yes! your teeth have pores!), it takes a more powerful substance. The in-office process that we use goes one step beyond this to give you immediate results you will love.


Zoom! in-office treatment is appealing to many of our patients, not only those who are preparing for a wedding, big meeting, or another event. Many people prefer to let us do the work so they don't have to spend an hour or more a day wearing whitening trays filled with gel. We are happy to do this work, and we love seeing the boost in confidence that our patients feel after the simple, comfortable procedure.


How In-Office Whitening Works


The overall process of in-office whitening is the same as the home whitening process, only faster. We begin by protecting gums and lips with sheeting, then apply the whitening solution onto enamel. This gel is activated by light, which maximizes penetration and the lifting of stains. Depending on the severity of discoloration, or the desired results, we can repeat the process up to three times in a single visit.


There is no time like the present to reveal your most brilliant smile. Call (510) 893-4041 for your Zoom! treatment.