Your Oakland General Dentist Provides Information on What to Expect from Specific Types of Toothpaste


There are as many types of kinds of toothpaste as there are conditions needed to be addressed in brushing. Your Oakland General Dentist thought that it's best to provide the information of what you can expect from the specific types of toothpaste. Always remember the basics: Fluoride should be the main ingredient to prevent cavities from forming and look for that seal of approval by the American Dental Association. (ADA)

Tartar-Control Toothpaste

In this toothpaste, you can expect to ‘control’ tartar from continuing to grow but it will not remove what is already there. For removal of tartar from near to the gum-line you will need to make an appointment with you Oakland General Dentist for a professional dental cleaning. The ingredients that make tartar-control toothpaste are sodium pyrophosphate or sodium hexametaphosphate and we mention it only so you can look for it on the label.

Anti-Microbial Toothpaste

When you see this boldly proclaimed in special typography on the label, look for the fine print that indicates stannous fluoride, an anti-bacterial agent that, in addition to preventing cavities, treats teeth sensitivity.

Whitening Toothpaste

When used regularly such toothpaste, which has some form of hydrogen peroxide bleaching compound or abrasive ingredients, have the ability to remove and/or prevent stains from setting on the teeth. You should consult your Oakland General dentist before the use of any whitening product, as there are some intrinsic teeth issues that will not bring teeth to be whiter.

Natural Toothpastes

Many are turned off by the toothpaste brands that have ingredients they cannot pronounce, (or spell) much less put inside their mouth. They prefer the natural toothpaste with ingredients that are plant based and mineral based with calcium, zinc, vegetable glycerin and cranberry extract. Some natural toothpaste is also fluoride free and instead contains xylitol, a sweet tasting plant based ingredient that inhibits and prevents plaque and cavities.
Whatever you choose, paste or gel, do it twice a day for two minutes each time and floss first before brushing. Along with this, you should still have your regular check-ups with your Oakland General Dentist. 
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