Dentist in Oakland, CA Shares Smile Ready Photo Tips

With the various ways to share photos and numerous selfies you desire to take, it’s vital that you put your best smile forward this summer. Thankfully, your smile doesn’t need to be perfect to look exceptional. Here are some of our best tips.
Act Natural
When you’re taking a picture, you want to smile gently. This helps your face to look relaxed. Your mouth will open slightly and your lower lip perfectly matches the curvature of your upper teeth. 
With a forced smile, your neck tightens and your eyes squint. This leads to an awkward appearance. 
Watch Your Posture
If your smile makes you look like you’re carrying a double chin, then you need to watch your posture. When you slouch with your head bent forward, it’s going to appear that way. Instead, turn your head slightly. You may also want to drop your chin to give the camera a varying angle.
Use Lipstick
The right shade of lipstick does wonders for brightening the appearance of your teeth. Cherry red, rosy pink, berry, plum or wine are your best shades. The pink and blue-based undertones help you hide any yellow stains. If you pick something too red or too dark, it’s going to worsen the appearance of your teeth. 
Inspect Your Mouth
Before you get in position for that picture, check your mouth. Look in the mirror and make sure nothing is out of place.
If you know you have a special occasion coming up, talk with the dentist about whitening treatments or corrective procedures. 
Practice Makes Perfect
Before you take pictures, do some practice shots. Figure out how you look best by posing in front of the mirror. Hold your shoulders back and attempt to strike a natural smile for your phone. Then, compare the images you take to determine which pose you want to use. This will be your signature look and you can use it for your photos.
If you want help getting your teeth and gums in shape for some summer pictures, your dentist in Oakland, CA can help. Simply set up an appointment today and prepare to flash your stunning smile.
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