Dentist Oakland Timing is Everything

Dentist in Oakland CA on The Right Time for your Regimen

As the old adage goes, “timing is everything…” and that includes in dentistry as well. The number of times you see your dentist in Oakland CA in a year…the number of times you brush daily…how long you brush during each session: all boils down to minutes, hands on a clock, before and after.


The ADA (American Dental Association), who make a great deal of the suggestions as far as the above timing concerns go (which tend to be 2X or minutes for each), create their recommendations based upon years of study, research and at the advice of numerous other dental health professionals. They rely upon the fact that you, the patient, have some sort of internal clock that may not always be “on time,” but can, at least, relate to timing in a natural way. Whether you choose to follow this advice and apply it in a timely manner- ultimately is up to you.


One area where many patients question about timing, that as it turns out has a lot to do with behavioral science, is flossing. Sure, you should be flossing at least once a day in conjunction with your brushing- but do you do it before or after you brush? That can be a big consideration to make and is one that some experts tackled in an article, and video, that can be found here:  Dental Patient News.


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