How to Deal with Wisdom Teeth, Thanks to Your Dentist in Oakland CA

Many adults have had their wisdom teeth already removed, but once they have children, they realize they will probably have to watch them go through it next.  Why do wisdom teeth seem to cause so many issues?

What a Pain Wisdom Teeth Can Be

The wisdom teeth will arrive somewhere between the ages of 17 to 21.  Considering they are the last of the teeth to come through, there usually isn’t enough room inside the mouth to house them.  Wisdom teeth are an evolutionary trait that came from ancestral humans losing their teeth.  Considering that we don’t lose as many teeth today, these extra wisdom teeth can be safely removed by a dentist if they are causing pain and discomfort.  Here are some reasons they would be removed:
1. The teeth are arriving into the mouth in a tilted, sideways or another abnormal position.
2. Teeth get trapped below the gum line due to a lack of space while coming in.
3. The wisdom teeth are trapping food or bacteria which is leading to periodontitis. 
4. Extra teeth can cause the jaws to become misaligned from one another.
5. The wisdom teeth begin to decay because they are harder to reach and clean.

Preparing for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Once a dentist determines that the wisdom teeth should come out, the appointment will be made right away to decrease the amount of time in pain.  If left untreated, wisdom teeth can lead to more issues for the patient.  Here’s how to prepare yourself for the removal:
1. Pay attention to every instruction they give you to do before arrival.
2. Ask all questions, no matter how small they may seem. 
3. Do not miss your appointment! 
Do not put off having the wisdom teeth removed as it can lead to many future issues.  First, you are going to endure more pain than necessary.  They can also lead to dental infections that turn into life threatening issues.  If you feel that your wisdom teeth are causing you any problem, be sure to make an appointment right away with Franklin Dental Care, your dentist in Oakland, CA. They will provide an x-ray for you to determine the best treatment option.
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