Dental Cleanings With Your Dentist in Oakland, CA

If you haven’t been to the dentist in the past six months, then you are allowing tartar and plaque to build up on the teeth and gums. Most insurance plans cover these routine appointments, so why aren’t you taking advantage of them? Here are some reasons you need to get in for a cleaning right now.
Brushing isn’t Enough
While a toothbrush and toothpaste are vital tools to the quality of oral care you achieve, they aren’t the only things that you need. Over time, plaque will build up on the teeth and it might not be visible to your eye. Even with the best brushing and flossing routine known to man, you won’t be able to get this off. They sit dormant between the teeth and inside crevices that you might not be able to get to. A professional cleaning will be your only line of defense against these agents which lead to tooth decay.
In addition, you might not be brushing as well as what you think you are. Common dental mistakes include skipping your flossing, brushing for too short a period of time or skipping brushing your teeth altogether. 
Tartar can’t be Removed Without a Professional
Tartar hardens and becomes impossible to remove on your own. It can be visible down at the gum line or even at the base of your teeth. It’s also found on the backs and in between the teeth. Your dentist has special tools that safely and effectively remove tartar buildup. They might even need to do a deep cleaning to the teeth if you haven’t been seen in a while.
Reducing Risk of Infection and Disease
A dental cleaning is the most important step to reduce your risk of developing gingivitis. This is the beginning of gum disease and can be linked to other illnesses which affect your body. Not only that, but your dentist is capable of screening for early signs of oral cancers which could give you a better shot at beating the disease. Early detection is essential in detecting both gum disease and cancers, but only your dentist is capable of doing that for you.
If you haven’t seen your dentist in Oakland, CA in the past six months, we urge you to call our office at (510) 893-4041 to schedule today.
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