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How a Simple Oral Surgery can Restore your Smile


If you have lost a tooth, or several, you have likely also experienced the side-effects of this event. We don't tend to notice just how useful our natural teeth are until we lose the optimal function they provide for us. Until fairly recently, the primary methods used to replace missing teeth were the dental bridge (for one or a couple teeth) or dentures (for total replacement). Today, the field of oral & maxillofacial surgery offers dental implants. Learning about the benefits of this restorative process is as easy as scheduling a visit in our Oakland, CA office.


The development of dental implants has been well-received by patients seeking an alternative to dentures and bridgework. Due to the ongoing improvements in implant dentistry, more patients are finding that they can take advantage of this innovative technique that replaces roots, not just teeth. Because dental implants are tiny posts that need to be situated in the jawbone, there can be a misconception that the process is uncomfortable. This isn't the case.


So what is Involved in Implant Surgery?


The placement of dental implants is conducted in our office by a highly-trained dentist who has completed advanced courses in this very procedure. Prior to the surgery, the placement of the small titanium posts is planned out. This streamlines the surgical procedure itself. Furthermore, patients are kept completely comfortable with local anesthetic. During the minor surgery, implants are inserted and then secured by a covering of gum tissue.


The posts are not seen as they heal into the jaw bone. Integration between bone and implants can take a few months. During this time, however, there should be no discomfort. Most patients go back to work the day after their oral surgery. For a week or so, it may be advantageous to eat softer foods.  One the implants are firmly stabilized in bone, just like that natural roots were, we can place a connector piece to the top portion, and affix a crown, bridge, or denture.


The process of implant placement may seem slightly longer than just replacing teeth with a bridge or denture. However, the benefits that result from this level of care help you regain optimal durability, aesthetics, and confidence in your smile.


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