Dentist Oakland Straighten Your Smile with Invisalign

Straighten your Smile with Oakland Invisalign


There is a certain stigma that is associated with conventional orthodontic treatment. For many years, teens and adults who needed to straighten their teeth faced no other choice than to have brackets cemented to every tooth. While modern orthodontics is vastly improved from the days when brackets wrapped fully around individual teeth, most people would prefer that these fixtures become obsolete altogether. In some cases, they have. There continue to be situations in which braces are the best option for correction, such as severe malocclusion, or a bad bite. However, patients of our Oakland office often find that Invisalign from their friendly dentist can give them the smile they have always wanted.


Invisalign was developed with patients' in mind. The creators of this aligner system heard the demand for something different, and they brought this to reality. The Invisalign system follows the principles of orthodontia, but operates on a different level.


The primary focus of Invisalign is to move teeth in the most gentle, most discreet way. This means no brackets and wires, which means a lot of other things! Patients who commit to this system agree to wear custom-fit aligners for the duration of their program. Each tray is made from clear, durable plastic. Each is worn for two weeks. Each is also removable. This means a lot!

  • Patients can enjoy all of the foods they normally eat.
  • Brushing and flossing can continue as normal. The important note about oral care is that it must be performed at least twice a day, and it must be efficient. No rushing, here. That could lead to unnecessary problems.
  • Fitted trays do not protrude from the surface of teeth. There is nothing to catch on soft tissues in the mouth or on the lips (ouch!).
  • Without any wires to tighten, the Invisalign protocol requires fewer dental visits. We schedule progress check-ups about every six weeks.


Getting a straight smile shouldn't come with strings - or wires - attached.  Invisalign is making it possible for patients with mild to moderate misalignment resolve their issue and enjoy a healthier, more attractive smile. For more information on Invisalign, call Franklin Dental Care at (510) 893-4041.