Dentist Oakland Reasons of Jawbone Loss

Oakland General Dentist discuss the importance of Jawbone

Deterioration of jawbone leads to losing it to the point of requiring a bone grafting process. Jawbone loss can progress into further issues, both with your physical appearance and your total health condition. This is why taking care of your jawbone is important. Here are the common reasons of jawbone loss.


•    Trauma

Bone stimulation ceases when a tooth is broken (to the point that there’s not enough biting surface left below the gum). This results in loss of jawbone. Common forms of jaw and tooth trauma may include tooth loss due to accident, jaw fractures, and tooth with a history of injury. To restore the effects of bone deterioration, a bone grafting procedure is necessary. This promotes bone growth in the traumatized areas.


•    Tooth Extractions

The portion of the jaw that supports and holds the teeth is the alveolar bone. Loss of alveolar bone can occur when a permanent tooth is pulled out. Due to loss of a tooth, the alveolar bone eventually dissolves.


•    Misalignment

When teeth don’t have an opposing structure, this creates misalignment issues. Misaligned/over-erupted teeth can cause deterioration of the underlying bone.


•    Periodontal Disease

Bacterial plaque causes periodontal disease. Due to periodontitis, the alveolar bone and the gum can get separated from the teeth. This causes pockets/spaces to occur. Increasing the loss of alveolar bone leads to weakening and succeeding loss of teeth.


•    Sinus Deficiencies

The air-filled cavity just above the posterior teeth in the upper jaw is the maxillary sinus. Losing your posterior teeth causes air pressure in the sinus. This results in resorption of the alveolar bone, which also leads to enlargement of the sinuses (hyper pneumatized sinus). This develops over many years, resulting in the insufficient amount of bone for dental implant placement.


Jawbone loss can be avoided by getting a tooth replacement after extraction. To keep your dental bone, ensure that your teeth are healthy. Pay a visit to your Oakland general dentist every six months for regular cleaning. This is a must to preserve excellent oral hygiene.