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Learn About Our 94612 Dentist at Franklin Dental Care

At Franklin Dental Care, we’re committed to providing our patients with the best possible care in dentistry. At our dental office, we value result-driven work. With an understanding of how important your smile is to how you feel overall, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible results to each and every one of our patients. With combined years of education and professional experience, our team is able to work at the highest level of dentistry. We’ll not only give you the smile you expect, but we’ll provide you with the smile of your dreams!


As a dental office, our 94612 dentist values the importance of good service for our patients. This means we’ll do our best to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you walk through our doors. Dental offices with great service cater to the needs of their patients and our Oakland CA dental office does so by creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere.


Your Oakland Family Dentistry Offers Numerous Services to Provide You with the Best Smile Possible


We don’t expect our patients to be dental experts; however we do value the importance of patient education. By understanding the importance of your procedure, you’ll feel more at ease. By carrying out an open dialogue with our patients, we maintain a high level of trust and encourage them to make educated decisions about their oral health.


Aside from keeping our patients educated about their oral health, we also foster a staff that stays up to date with the latest research and technologies in dentistry. In order to do so, our dentists and hygienists attend lectures, conferences and read up on industry literature. By continuing our professional development, we ensure that our practice is able to provide patients with the most current information and options available. We also equip our Oakland dental office with the latest dental technology!


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