Dentist Oakland Ortho Option for All Patients!

Dentist in Oakland offers an alternative to traditional braces

At Franklin Dental Care, our first and foremost goal is to help in achieving a healthier smile. However, we understand how important it is to our patients to also have a beautiful smile! When misalignment is a concern, patients may be uneasy about the idea of having orthodontic work done. This is when a dentist in the Oakland area may suggest alternatives to traditional braces that many patients may prefer: Invisalign.
Patients are often intrigued at the idea of straightening their teeth without the use of metal brackets and wires. This is when our team of professionals will educate patients how treatment such as Invisalign works. Invisalign is a revolutionary way of repositioning the teeth into better alignment to not only improve the alignment of the teeth near the front of the mouth, but to also repair bite alignment issues. Patients with crossbites, underbites, and overbites may benefit from treatment with Invisalign.
The trays are fabricated using digital impressions of the smile. The computer determines the current location of the teeth as well as their final positioning and creates a series of clear plastic trays that are sent to the dental office for the patient to use. Each tray in the series is used in order, from first to last, with each one being worn for two weeks before moving onto the next one. By the time the patient reaches their last tray, they can see the final results! Many patients continue to wear their final tray at night as a retainer to maintain their alignment over the course of several years. 
Patients who are interested in finding out more about Invisalign are welcome to contact Franklin Dental Care at (510) 893-4041 to schedule an appointment. Our team welcomes patients who are new to our practice as well as those who have been working with us for years! We want our patients to build a positive relationship with their dental professional so they can become someone they know and trust to provide a wide range of oral health care solutions over one’s lifetime!