Dentist Oakland Mouth Rinsing Guide

Oakland Dentist asks “To Rinse or Not to Rinse?”

Your Oakland dentist helps patients improve and establish new at-home oral health regimens on a daily basis. And while typically we will recommend twice daily brushing and once daily flossing to every single patient, some will notice that a third pillar- mouth washing- may sometimes be absent from the conversation.


That is because although daily mouthwash use is not 100% essential, it can have tremendous oral health benefits. Besides making your breath smell good after a meal, it can also help eliminate gum disease causing bacteria, reduce your risk for tooth decay and even help whiten your teeth too.


But how do you know what mouthwash with what benefits will be best for you? How long should you swish your mouthwash for? What ingredients in mouthwash can be most helpful to you? And at the end of it all…do you even really need to mouthwash daily?


At Franklin Dental Care, we understand that all of these questions have different implications for different patients, but found an online source that answers them universally quite well. Head to the following WebMD page for a comprehensive mouthwash guide: Click Here.


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