Dentist Oakland Manage Anxiety with Music

Conquer Fear with Classical Tunes!

Dental anxiety is a very troubling issue for patients worldwide, not just for some of your Oakland dentist’s patients. Those with this condition can suffer from panic attacks, sleep deprivation and more from just thinking about visiting the dentist- let alone stepping into the actual office. Over time, this hesitation and fear can manifest itself in the patient’s oral health via gum disease, decay, tooth loss and worse.


And while in a perfect world no one would be scared to come see us, that’s not always the reality of it. We have done everything we possibly can at Franklin Dental Care, from providing a warm, relaxing atmosphere to the most amazing expert staff, to ease your anxiety you may have about your visit. However, we know that sometimes when someone “gets in their own head” about an issue- it can be hard to break out.


In order to help those patients with dental anxiety, the usage of music is being considered more and more. Studies have shown that listening to music, especially classical or softer-piano based tunes can help reduce blood pressure, slow heart rate and lessen instances of fear, anxiety and even pain. These effects are not limited to Mr. Mozart and Sir Bach, though. Any type of music can help distract a patient really.


As your caring Oakland dentist, we want your experience to be amazing every time you visit us. In accordance with the above-mentioned studies- we have no problem at all if you want to pop in some earbuds and zone out to some music while at your appointment! Listen along to your favorite album and we will take care of the rest.


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