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Cosmetic Dentist in Oakland CA Shares Instances Where Your Smile can be In Danger


It can be nerve-wracking for a patient to visit the dentist, especially if they haven’t scheduled an appointment for a long period of time. Nobody likes to hear bad news when they go to the dentist, but it’s important to address and solve so your smile can last a lifetime. When you’re visiting your cosmetic dentist in Oakland CA, there are several clues that we’re looking for to protect and improve your oral and dental health.


Sugar and Bacteria Attacks
There are times when people go to the dentist because they have chipped or cracked their tooth. While the patient may not know the reasoning for this, your dentist can tell you that one of the causes could be an overload of sugary drinks and consistent bacteria attacking your tooth. If your tooth is weak due to bad eating habits, you’re more likely to suffer from chips and cracks since your teeth soften over time as they’re being exposed to these harmful beverages. Sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks are the worst culprits.


Consistent Bad Breath
Brushing your teeth is usually the best solution to getting rid of bad breath, but sometimes there’s more to it. If you have bad breath for a majority of your day, it could be due to halitosis. When you’re not brushing your teeth on a daily basis, you’re allowing the bacteria from the foods and drinks you’re consuming to linger on your teeth, gums, and tongue. This can create a rotten sort of smell that may not be easy to clean off after a long time of being there and needs to be done by a hygienist or your dentist.


If you believe that you’re suffering from one of the examples above, or if you see something that isn’t listed, schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist in Oakland CA to ensure that your smile is in good hands. Call our office today at (510) 893-4041!