Dentist Oakland Is Your Smile Lying?

Oakland Dentist Discusses Your Smile


When you visit Franklin Dental Care, you work with a dentist who sees beyond the surface; who understands that your smile is an important asset for a great quality of life. Think this is overstating it? A number of research studies suggest that the appearance of a person's smile is quite powerful. This is because the smile isn't just something we observe. We also assess it. This is true no matter what condition the teeth are in. You may not even be aware of it, but your psyche makes immediate connections between a person's appearance and his or her character. Again, this is all demonstrated in years of research.


What the Smile Says

Psychological studies suggest that we only do about 10 percent of our communicating with words. This is fascinating, since many people seem to be talking non-stop. The point of this concept is that the brain uses a lot more than language to draw conclusions. Here are some of the conclusions that occur based on the smile:

  • "I'm not the age I say I am." Cracks, worn enamel, and discoloration are all problems that make a person appear (several) years older than they really are.
  • "I'm indifferent about you." You may really enjoy a person's company, but if you do not smile freely because of self-consciousness related to your teeth, the vibe you send is that you are indifferent, at best; unfriendly, or even hostile, at worst.
  • "I may be lying to you." Research is riveting! One of the tidbits of information discovered in one study is that a bright smile indicates trustworthiness. When you flip that concept, you see that a dull, stained smile may be suggesting otherwise.


Aside from what your smile may be saying to others, without your knowledge or permission, there are also messages that you yourself are receiving. The appearance of teeth directly affects how much we like to smile. It also affects how confident we feel in general. Often, self-consciousness can stand in the way of really being in the moment at work or in life. Concern over appearance or even issues such as bad breath takes the joy out of the experiences you have.


Your Oakland dentist can help you resolve the issues that keep you from your greatest smile. Give us a call to schedule a consultation.