94612 Dentist Shares Food and Drink to Avoid

While many foods appear to be harmless, they are actually bad for your dental health. Here are some common foods and drinks that might surprise you.
Hard Candy
Eating too much hard candy is harmful to your mouth. Most hard candies are full of sugar which increases bacteria growth, but they can also chip or break your teeth. Consider chewing sugarless gum instead.
You would think that this product made of water would be good for you, but chewing this hard substance can break your teeth or damage your enamel. Stick to drinking water instead.
Frequent exposure to foods and drinks that are acidic can destroy your enamel. This makes them susceptible to sensitivity and decay. Instead of lemon water, stick to plain fluoridated water instead.
Coffee, in its original form, is a healthy choice. Most people choose to add sugar which is damaging to the teeth. In addition, if you don’t drink plenty of water after your coffee, your teeth can also stain.
Sticky Foods
Dried fruit and sticky candy lay on the teeth and cause damage. Make sure you rinse with water and floss after each snack.
Crunchy Foods
Potato chips are addictive and it’s hard to stop after just a few. These crunchy bites tend to become trapped between teeth. Make sure you floss carefully after snacking to remove all food particles.
Soda and Sports Drinks
Sipping on sugary drinks for a long time allow plaque to build-up on your enamel. Not only that, but soda also has acid which is bad for your mouth. If you must drink soda, make sure you also have a cup of water.
Alcohol consumption leads to dry mouth and dehydration so your saliva flow can be reduced. This leads to oral infections and tooth decay as well as gum disease. It can also increase your risk of cancer.
Before you choose to eat or drink anything, consider how it might affect your oral health. If you need further guidance on healthy choices, be sure to speak with your dentist.
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