Dentist Oakland Goodbye to Microbeads

Cosmetic Dentist in Oakland CA on Bead Ban

A nice, white smile is something most patients could ever ask for. And for that very reason, your cosmetic dentist in Oakland CA offers the best whitening treatment available to his patients daily- Zoom Whitening! Change the shade of your teeth several times over in just a few short hours in the office using this amazing procedure.


But let’s face it…no one LIVES inside of a dentist office. So many out-of-office steps must be taken to help maintain that brilliant new white tint you just got.


For many patients, this means brushing twice daily with a whitening toothpaste, some of which include something called “microbeads.” Well your cosmetic dentist in Oakland CA hates to be the bearer of bad news but, the end of days for microbeads have come.


Recently, legislation was passed, based on years of study and research that proved these little beads were/are not as biodegradable as we once thought. Meaning that when they go down your sink, they go into the already polluted ocean and impact all animals/beings who deal in that water as well.  To find out more about this ban, and to see what it means for the manufacturers of your favorite paste, you can Click Here.


Before you head out to grab your replacement tube of paste, however, make sure you consult your cosmetic dentist in Oakland CA! Doctors Wu and Kim can recommend a toothpaste, of the whitening variety or not, that is best suited for you!


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