Dentist Oakland Ending Enamel Damage

Dentist in Oakland CA on Evading Erosion

What do oral health hazards such as decay, staining and sensitivity all have in common? They can begin with enamel erosion, and are all treated by your dentist in Oakland CA on a daily basis.


Your enamel is an immensely important part of your teeth, and of your oral health. Much like the shell of an egg, your enamel protects the innards (nerves and dentin in this case, not a yolk) from exterior harm. Also like a shell, however, once damaged- it can be very hard to repair. Although enamel is the hardest surface in the human body, it cannot regenerate like bones or muscles would. That means once the damage is done to enamel- it is done unless artificially repaired with cosmetic treatments provided by your dentist in Oakland CA.


So what is responsible for this substantial damage to our enamel? Most of the basic answers are related to your diet and habits. Try avoiding acidic or sugary foods and beverages, and if you do happen to indulge, make sure you maintain a consistent oral health brushing and flossing regimen. For a complete list of enamel damagers, as well as more information on how important enamel is to your smile- click here for a highly educational slideshow.


Besides monitoring your diet and keeping that daily regimen, having regular appointments with your dentist in Oakland CA is essential to the health of your enamel, and your smile. Call our Oakland dental office today at (510) 893-4041 to schedule a visit.