Dentist Oakland Dissect the Ins & Outs of Your Teeth

Dentist in Oakland Talks About the Anatomy of Each Tooth


Let your smile shine bright today, no matter where you are! Sharing a smile with a friend, family member or stranger can easily brighten up their day, so why not do the same? Your dentist in Oakland is determined to make sure every patient that walks through our doors gets to leave with the smile of their dreams. This is why we're discussing the functions of teeth and what some medical conditions that can negatively affect your smile are.


Starting from the inside and going out, the pulp and root canal are important parts of the tooth that need to be protected at all costs. The pulp of your teeth contains blood vessels and nerves that run through it, whereas the root canal is the natural cavity which is in the center of the tooth. If this area becomes damaged or infected, this does not only cause pain (whether mild or severe) but can result in tooth loss if it isn't quickly taken care of.


Next is the dentin, which is also in the center of the tooth. This area underlies the major surface and is made of living cells that create a hard mineral substance (enamel). If this area becomes exposed, it can cause great sensitivity, irritation and pain to the patient. Your dentin becomes exposed when your enamel, the mineral substance covering your teeth, becomes weak, damaged and thin. Your enamel works hard to keep your smile healthy and happy, so it's important to make sure you're doing your part!


If a patient isn't properly taking care of their teeth, there are many factors that can cause oral and dental problems. One of the major signs of dental neglect is a cavity, harmful bacteria that breaks down the protective surface of your teeth. If this problem isn't addressed, the cavity can spread and become even worse, creating gingivitis, tooth decay, and eventually tooth loss.


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