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Fill in Your Smile with Our Dentures by Our General Dentist in Oakland

Although we hope that our natural teeth will last a lifetime, this is not always the case. Dentures are just one of a few options that your Oakland general dentist can recommend for restoring oral function and appearance to your mouth following a tooth extraction. Thanks to advances in dentistry and polymer science, the vast majority of dentures available are now made with extremely high-quality, durable plastic. This means that dentures are stronger, more natural looking, and more comfortable than ever before!
What types of dentures are available to me?
Depending on the amount of teeth an individual is missing, there are several types of dentures that are available. Complete dentures help to replace all of the teeth on the upper and/or lower jaw. These dentures function by resting on the gums that cover the jawbone. They can be made more secure by attaching them to one or more tooth roots (known as an overdenture) or dental implants (known as an implant overdenture). Some implant overdentures can be removed by the patient while others have to be removed by a dental practitioner.
Partial dentures are another type of denture that is used to replace a specific amount of missing teeth. These are only used when the majority of your natural teeth are still remaining. Partial dentures clasp or attach to the remaining natural teeth.
There are five different types of dentures:
-Conventional dentures: replaces all missing teeth in the jaw and rests on the gum tissue 
-Conventional overdentures: replaces all missing teeth in the jaw, rests on the gum tissue, and is supported with a clasp or attachment to one or more tooth roots
-Implant overdentures: replaces all missing teeth in a jaw and connects to surgically placed dental implants
-Conventional partial dentures: replaces some missing teeth and is held in place with clasps that wrap around adjacent teeth
-Attachment partial dentures: replaces some missing teeth and is held in place with mechanical components called attachments  
It is important to note that any patients who require extractions or implant surgery will need to wait several weeks for the mouth to heal before your dentures can be placed. For some people, a temporary denture can be requested on the same day that extractions are performed. However, each case is different so please contact your dentist in Oakland, CA for a consultation.
Getting used to your dentures
It will take some time to get used to your dentures. However, with a little time and practice you’ll be able to eat, speak, and smile comfortably. Please note that the following practices are completely normal when initially receiving dentures:
-A feeling of fullness in the mouth, face, lips, and cheeks
-Temporary and minor changes to speech
Tip: speak slowly and enunciate to help the tongue and facial muscles adapt to your dentures quicker
-Changes in chewing patterns while getting used to the new jaw movements
Tip: Start with small pieces of soft foods and gradually increase in food’s firmness. Also,
try chewing on both sides of the mouth with your back teeth. A small amount of denture
adhesive may also help to stabilize your dentures while eating.