Dentist Oakland Root Canal Therapy

Dentist in Oakland describes the process of root canal therapy


At Franklin Dental Care, Drs. Daniel Kim, Kwang Kim, Lawrence Wu, and Adam Wu are readily available to assist new and existing patients in the Oakland area with their dental needs. Each dentist brings a specialty to the table and with their combined experience, patients have the ability to receive dental treatments that meet and exceed their expectations. We encourage patients to take the time to learn about certain procedures that they may face so they are more comfortable with having them performed. This includes root canal therapy.

When patients hear “root canal,” they are often fearful. Media and unnecessary hype has caused patients to believe that root canal therapy is a painful procedure. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, root canal therapy is what eliminates pain that patients may experience. Oftentimes patients come into our practice complaining of a toothache only to find that the best solution is root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is a procedure during which the dentist will access the inner portion of the tooth to remove the dental pulp. The pulp is a mass of tissues which houses the nerves and blood supply of the tooth which keeps it alive. When removed, it eliminates pain and discomfort that patients may experience due to disease, infection, and even an abscess. Root canal therapy achieves this during a single procedure done with proper anesthetics and sedation. There are times when patients may also need to have a dental crown placed over the tooth to strengthen it, and this can be completed in our practice as well.


Drs. Daniel Kim, Kwang Kim, Lawrence Wu, and Adam Wu are committed their practice to helping patients address common dental issues. With root canal therapy, the smile can be brought back to health and patients can get back to their daily routine without painful interruption. The entire procedure is done right in our office with the right professionals by your side.


If you live in the area of Oakland and are seeking a quality dentist, look no further than the team of Franklin Dental Care. We encourage you to book an appointment at (510) 893-4041.