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The Signs and Symptoms of Bruxism

Your dentists in Oakland CA help patients battle their teeth clenching or grinding, also known as bruxism, on a daily basis. And while no clear cause has been tied to this condition, experts seem to believe it is a form of stress relief, or like a nervous “tick.”


One of the worst things about bruxism is that many patients don’t even know they are engaging in it. This behavior is notorious for occurring while patients sleep, making the identification and realization of it happening quite difficult. For that very reason, we have listed some of the signs and symptoms of bruxism that you can look for below:


-The teeth look “worn” or have some cracks in them.

-The teeth are loose or extra sensitive.

-Chronic headaches develop.

-Popping or clicking sounds are made when you move your jaw.

-You experience facial or jaw pain.


If you experience any of the symptoms above, it may be time to come see your dentist in Oakland CA for us to have a look. Our entire team has helped patients look at several treatment options, such as mouth guards, behavioral therapy, and stress management classes, before heading for cosmetic surgery to fix the issue- and he can do the same for you.


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