Dentist Oakland Dental Exams And X-Rays

Keep Up With Your Exam and X-Ray Visits to Our Dentist in Oakland

Since they are recommended twice yearly by the Academy of General Dentistry, dental exams and x-rays are typically performed in conjunction with a routine dental cleaning. At this frequency, most oral health problems can be caught while they remain in an early stage. By receiving routine dental exams and x-rays, you’ll be able to avoid the financial costs associated with large treatment procedures later on.
How it’s done
First, we'll examine your mouth visually by using dental equipment such as mouth mirrors, dental tools, and high-intensity lights. They will examine the mouth for signs of cracked and decayed teeth, as well as consider the following information:
-Medical history in order to assess how any new medical conditions or illnesses may affect your dental health
-Oral cancer screening of the face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, tissues, and gums
-Signs of gum disease in your gums and bone around the teeth
-Examine any existing fillings, crowns or other restorations.
Finally, your dentist in Oakland will take diagnostic x-rays to reveal any hidden problems below the gum line. Bitewing x-rays will be taken every 12 months while panographic x-rays, which revolve around the head, are taken every 3 to 5 years.