Dentist in Oakland, CA Discusses Preventing Complications

There are many Americans currently taking medication to prevent blood clots. These medications often prove to be dangerous when it comes to dental procedures. Ensure your safety by reading through this information.
What are Blood Thinners?
Simply put, they thin the blood to prevent blood clots from occurring. They are also used to prevent deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms. There is a variety of medications currently being used to prevent this.
Antiplatelet medications prevent platelets from sticking to each other. Aspirin is a well-known form of this medication. These medications change the platelet permanently, so it will affect them for their entire lifetime. The only way for this to reverse is when new platelets are formed which haven’t already been exposed to the medication.
Anticoagulant medications block the production of a protein which stabilizes a clot. This will take several days once the medication is started for the effects to be seen. It also takes several days once a person stops taking the medication for the blood to return to normal.
What to do Before a Dental Procedure
Most of the time it isn’t hard to control bleeding during dental procedures. This isn’t the case when a patient is taking blood thinners. In fact, it can be downright dangerous. After a complete evaluation with the dentist, you’ll decide on the proper course of action to take. This could include:
1. Doing the procedure while continuing on the medication as normal.
2. Performing a procedure after changing the medication dosage.
3. Doing the procedure once the medication has been stopped.
4. Waiting to do any procedures for another time.
Dental Procedures that Might Conflict with Blood Thinners
While taking blood thinners, serious complications can occur during these procedures:
Teeth cleaning and deep teeth cleaning
Gum surgeries
If you are currently advised to take blood thinning medications, you must speak to the dentist and possibly your doctor prior to having any procedure. Being safe is far better than facing the health consequences that could occur. Thankfully, your dentist in Oakland CA will know what’s best for your body and your teeth.
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