Oakland General Dentist Shares Back To School Dental Tips

It’s time to get used to heading to school each morning again. After the relaxing summer months, it might be hard to establish routines, but it’s essential, especially when dealing with your child’s dental care.
Here are some things that should be a part of your kid’s dental care routine.
Brushing & Flossing
Your children must brush their teeth twice each day. Each time should last for a minimum of two minutes. Use fluoride toothpaste and teach them not to scrub their teeth. It’s also important that they utilize a soft-bristled toothbrush so they don’t ruin their enamel.
Teach your children how to floss their teeth once each day. There are some fun-flavored flosses that appeal to children. 
If your children are under the age of eight, they’ll need supervision during their oral routine. They often lack the fine motor skills required to get their teeth completely clean. 
Making a Routine
If you take the time to establish a fun routine with your child, they’ll want to take care of their teeth. Older kids should have no trouble getting the new schedule down, but younger kids might need a little extra incentive. 
For example, your morning routine could look like this:
1. Get dressed
2. Eat breakfast
3. Play a two-minute long song while brushing together
4. Head off to school
In the evening, you could do something like this:
1. Eat dinner
2. Do homework
3. Read your child’s favorite book to them while they brush and floss
4. Get ready for bed
These are just some examples; you’ll need to do what works for your schedule. The biggest thing to focus on is ensuring that the routine is fun; otherwise, they won’t want to do it. If you have any more questions, be sure to contact your Oakland general dentist for guidance.
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