Oakland General Dentist Discusses Harmful Risks of Tongue Piercings

Today, facial piercings have become quite common and tongue piercings are very popular with in younger generations everywhere in the world. Still, most people don’t know the harmful effects that could develop prior to getting a tongue piercing.
Teeth Problems 
A tongue piercing can easily cause chips, cracks, and fractures in your teeth. Wearing a tongue piercing can cause damage to your natural teeth, as well as any dental work that you may have had performed in the past. 
The risk is even greater for those who are active and play physically demanding sports such as basketball or soccer. The piercing will be much likelier to move around, causing even more wear to your surrounding teeth. 
Periodontal Disease 
Another common problem associated with tongue piercing is the risk of developing periodontal disease, which can lead to receding gums and eventually, tooth loss. Often, the piercing will rub against your gums and causing irritation, which can be unpleasant to deal with.
Damaged Tooth Enamel
Tongue piercings are known for causing your teeth to wear down much quicker. This is made worse by the fact that many people with tongue piercings develop a habit of playing with their jewelry, which causes it to rub against their teeth. Over time, this it will wear down the protective enamel layer and cause sensitivity issues or contribute to tooth decay. 
Nerve Damage 
Many people don’t know this, but getting your tongue pierced can cause severe and irreversible nerve damage. If the person who is piercing your tongue is inexperienced, they can end up piercing the wrong area of the tongue, causing nerve damage. The damage could affect the nerves in your tongue, lips, cheeks, throat and anywhere near the piercing site.
Bad Breath 
Another little-known fact about tongue piercings is that they can significantly contribute to bad breath. This happens because a tongue piercing happens to be an excellent place for bacteria to hide and go unnoticed. It’s also much more difficult to clean your tongue properly when there is a piece of jewelry in it and by not properly cleaning your mouth, you’ll be leaving behind bacteria that are sure to cause you to have bad breath. 
Tongue piercings notorious for being painful and often result in some sort of infection. If you still insist on getting your tongue pierced, just make sure the piercing shop is experience, qualified and licensed to perform piercings. By visiting a shop that is unsanitary, you’ll be at a much greater risk of infection.
Remember that the most common problems associated with tongue piercings are damaging your teeth and gum recession. Therefore, if you’re still adamant on having your tongue pierced, it’s important to be aware of the risks that are associated with the procedure. 
If you are currently experiencing one of the described oral issues, please schedule an appointment with your Oakland general dentist as soon as possible. Franklin Dental Care can be reached at (510) 893-4041.
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