Dentist Oakland Amalgam Fillings

Strengthen Your Teeth to Avoid Decay with Our Oakland General Dentist

Similar to composite fillings, amalgam fillings are also used when treating a cavity. However, amalgam fillings are made from a combination of metals such as tin, copper, silver and mercury. These silver-colored fillings feature great durability and last between 10 to 15 years. Due to their strength, composite fillings are mostly used in the back of the mouth, where the most chewing occurs. Another benefit is less visibility when placing molars amalgam fillings in the back of the mouth.
How it’s done
Your Oakland general dentist will begin by relieving any pain or discomfort by numbing the area with a local anesthesia. We will then remove the decaying portion of the tooth and shape the tooth in a specific way to better accept the filling. The metal fillings will then be placed into the tooth and a band may be used around your tooth to help the amalgam condense. Finally, the filling is adjusted and polished to fit your bite for maximum comfort. 
Please note that you may experience some temporary heightened hot and cold tooth sensitivity. Since amalgam fillings do not harden right away, we will advise that you avoid chewing in that area for a few hours.