Dentist Oakland Abscessed Tooth Truth

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As a top Oakland dentist, Dr. Lawrence Wu treats a variety of oral health cases, which many times can spur from things like bacterial infections and more. In relation to that, we will discussing the complications and symptoms of tooth abscess for you today- which can commonly be overlooked, but should never be under-treated.



As mentioned above, abscesses can result from bacterial infections, but also can be as a result of cavities, decay, plaque and even dental work or surgery. They will usually start off as just a tender or swollen area surrounding the tooth, which will have pain that increases over time. The abscess can throb, bleed or expel pus, and could be super-sensitive to temperature change. The patient could develop a fever and even stop taking in required food or drink because of the pain and illness that has set in.



Depending on the abscesses’ origin, either at the gums or at the root of the tooth, several detrimental outcomes could result if left untreated. It is common for the infection to spread to surrounding tissues or bone, the sinuses or other facial cavities too. At the worst end of the spectrum, Ludwig angina can develop- which results in a swelling of the tongue or throat. This swelling can lead to airway compromise and even death if immediate emergency care is not sought after.


Abscesses can definitely be overlooked…and are not often discussed…but should never be ignored. If you have an oral sore you believe is a worsening abscess, call your Oakland dentist at Franklin Dental Care for assessment and treatment today at (510) 893-4041.