6 Causes of Sensitive Teeth Courtesy of Your 94612 Dentist

Sensitive teeth are more common than what most people realize. Eating anything cold or hot often makes a person gasp in pain that seems to radiate from the tooth into their heads. It can be a limiting issue as most people must determine what they can and cannot eat. With this being said, knowing what causes sensitive teeth can be a great help!
What Causes Sensitive Teeth?
There are several reasons why a person may have sensitive teeth! Some possible causes are:
1. They have tooth decay present, such as cavities or the like. 
2. They have teeth that are fractured which can cause severe sensitivity.
3. The fillings that they have in their teeth are worn.
4. They have gum disease.
5. The enamel on their teeth are worn. 
6. The root of the tooth is exposed.

Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

To deal with sensitive teeth, you must first know the cause, this is where visiting your local dentist is recommended. However, here are a few ways that sensitive teeth can be dealt with:
1. Many people find that use a toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth can do wonders. This toothpaste has compounds that blocks the sensation transmission from the tooth surface to the nerve. However, this can take a few weeks of using to see dramatic results. 
2. Fluoride gel is given in office which can strengthen the enamel of the tooth, reducing the sensation transmission.
3. Correct the decay of teeth through having a crown, inlay or bonding completed.
4. For those who have lost gum tissue, they can opt for a surgical gum graft which can get their gums back into shape, stopping the sensitivity that they are feeling. 
5. A root canal is done when the root is the main cause of sensitivity. This is often the last choice for a patient when the other methods are not helping the senility.
For those who are dealing with sensitive teeth, contact your 94612 dentist at Franklin Dental Care today. This may be a sign that there is something wrong with the teeth, and require medical attention.
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